Stanley Compressors

The Turkish “kompresör” word’s meaning in English is “compressor” and it means compressing. It is a tool which compresses the atmospheric air in a storage volume and provides its pressurized use. The energy source is provided by transforming mechanical energy to pneumatic energy. The air which is taken from the atmosphere by the help of motor is trapped in the compressor storage. It is filtered and compressed to a particular extent and trapped in a restricted volume. The pressure level is determined based on the compression rate.

The cleanliness and low temperature of the suctioned air is important for the efficient operation of the compressor. The filters should be cleaned at short intervals and replaced, which is necessary for its operation. The suctioned air must not contact a liquid in any way. Stanley compressors are extremely healthy and economical in terms of the materials used and the operating systems.

Compressor Types

Compressors Based on the Operating Principle
– Piston compressors
Compressors which create pressure with the help of reciprocating motion.
– Screw compressors
The compressors which create pressure by means of the infinite round motion of 2 screws.
-Centrifugal compressor
Compressors which create pressure by compression with the help of the rotational movement of the gas.
-Positive displacement compressor
Compressors which create pressure with the air taken into small chambers with the help of the pumps.
-Hydraulic compressor
Divided into two as jet compressor and gas and steam compressor.
The differences between compressors in general: the number of compression levels, the manner of lubrication, the type of cooling, the manner of production (standard or customized), driving manner (electric, steam or internal combustion systems).

Areas of Use for the Stanley Compressors

Stanley compressors provide a wide product range for the users by serving in every field of operation. These user-friendly compressors are used in various areas depending on their features, dimensions and performance.

Large scale compressors are commonly used in industry, workshops and construction sites. Smaller establishments generally use the screw compressors. These compressors which are used in carpenter shops, gas stations and similar locations that do not require high pressure are one of the ideal compressor types especially for car wash and pumping air to the tires.

Use of compressors in areas such as die pressing, control and operation mechanisms, weaving looms, gas compression and blending reduces work power and is widely preferred for lowering costs. Stanley compressors provide compressor service which is designed in the way to meet all of your requirements, once you have determined the type of compressor that you need and that you are going to use.