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Air Compressors and Accessories

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Stanley is one of the first brands to come to mind when talking about compressors. Known for their excellent quality, Stanley Air Compressors are full of user-friendly features. Stanley holds several types of products which differ from each other in terms of dimensions, performance, and features. Gench International offers different models of Stanley Air Compressors and Accessories at affordable rates.

Stanley Fatmax Hybrid segment, which is one of the most popular compressor types is designed with caution in order to be used in many different applications. This innovative hybrid compressor segment which takes a small space, which can be easily hidden, operated continuously without needing a bigger compressor, which is portable and does the same work as the other variations, is suitable for professional use, construction markets, and home use. The hybrid compressors which have wide-range pressured air receivers are equipped with high performance and high-quality practicableness abilities. Gench International supplies 6, 24 and 50 Lt. Fatmax Hybrid compressor segments.



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